EyeTime 2012: Competition Winners Announced

December 10, 2012

On behalf of the competition organizers, collaborators and supporters, the Morpholio Project is proud to congratulate the EyeTime 2012 Winners. EyeTime 2012 was assembled as a means to publicly promote the research, exploration and investigation currently happening amongst today's emerging talent. "It was inspiring to review" said Aurelie Jezequel, Editor-in-Chief of Resource Magazine and "There was such a vast array of styles and creative techniques employed" said Jessica Lum of PetaPixel. All of the submissions exemplified outstanding work and the competition organizers are grateful for the enormous amount of entrants who were bold enough to confront the world with their voice.

EyeTime 2012 would also like to give a special thanks to the ICP, APA, ADC, AIAS, AIGA, NYIP, Resource Magazine, DBA, Photograph Magazine, Bustler, Archinect, Photography Blog, PetaPixel, The PhotoContest, Photocompete, Wallpaper Magazine, Wired Magazine and the incredible Jury who supported the work. This year's jury included Aurelie Jezequel and Adam Sherwin of Resource Magazine, Jessica Lum of PetaPixel, Kristen Fortier of Wired Magazine, Billy Cunningham of the ICP, and Pei-Ru Keh of Wallpaper Magazine.

To view the Winners please download the competition app here:

Eyetime 2012 Winners

Future Voices Jury Winner
Gerald Haselwanter
Las Vegas Up

Future Voices Jury Winner
Laurent Evrard

Future Voices Jury Winner
Simon Chang
Ashura, New Delhi, India.

Future Voices Public Winner
Anna Pietrzak
Moments of Movement Pt. 2

Emerging Talent Jury Winner
Mark Harless
Embrace the Unknown

Emerging Talent Jury Winner
Nicholai Go

Emerging Talent Jury Winner
Zuliandi Abdul Azli
Analog Wave

Emerging Talent Public Winner
Bozena Pilat

Morpholio Special Recognition

Dean West
"In Pieces"

Honor Awards

Future Voices
Oana Bivolaru
twins project
Future Voices
Dan Schwalm
Misc Architecture Photography
Future Voices
Edmund Boey
Parallel universe of Instagram
Future Voices
Eugen Brodner
Thoughts and feelings 2

Future Voices
Juan Francisco Saldarriaga
Joy Maker Machinery
Future Voices
Anna Pietrzak
Moments of Movement Pt. 1
Future Voices
Jonathan Gann
euclideanNATURE: egotism
Future Voices
Minyoung Jeon

Future Voices
Jesus Malagon
NYC Architecture
Emerging Talent
Danielle Willkens
In Progress
Emerging Talent
Kayla Browne
Culture of Congestion
Emerging Talent
Olivia Wright-Cady
Love is blind love is a struggle

Emerging Talent
Alessandro Falco
Emerging Talent
Bozena Pilat
Emerging Talent
Abby Schwab
Own the Walls

Honorable Mentions

Future Voices
Azzez Bakare
Future Voices
Oana Bivolaru
Future Voices
Inadelso Cossa
The Childrens Republic Part 2
Future Voices
Subinoy Das
Le Visage

Future Voices
Gary Hodge
Dolphins at play in the North Atlantic
Future Voices
Paolo Inglese
My streets
Future Voices
Joy Johnson
Future Voices
Aditi Kulkarni

Future Voices
Anna Pietrzak
Future Voices
Joanne Underhill
Raw Concrete
Future Voices
Sean Williams
Searching for Creativity
Emerging Talent
Zuliandi Abdul Azli
Grayscale Tendencies

Emerging Talent
Doina Cioca
Emerging Talent
Nicholai Go
Live In A Dream
Emerging Talent
Tamim Jamshed
Entry 01
Emerging Talent
Han Ma
Chongqing Memory

Emerging Talent
Shin Jae Park
My perspective
Emerging Talent
James Parker
3 Projects
Emerging Talent
Bozena Pilat
In to the light
Emerging Talent
Kendra Rose
Out and about

Emerging Talent
Kabilan Sathyamurthy
Emerging Talent
Brenda Natalia Ucciferri
Ethereal View

Jury Quotes

"Wonderful Photographs"
- Billy Cunningham, ICP

"It was such a pleasure to view the work of talented, fresh photographers. There was such a vast array of styles and creative techniques employed in the finalists' images. That diversity is reflected amongst the winners: we have the surreal work of the Emerging Talent winners and we have a mix of landscapes and documentary-style photography of the Future Voices winners."
- Jessica Lum, PetaPixel

"Using the Morpholio app was also an interesting experience. Photography can be so subjective, but EyeTime is an interesting way to track viewers' habits and behaviors when looking at an image. In a way, it almost quantifies subjectivity."
- Jessica Lum, PetaPixel

"It was inspiring to review."
- Aurelie Jezequel, Editor-in-Chief of Resource

The EyeTime2012 Competition would like to give special thanks to the following organizations for their support and their promotion of young talent in all creative fields.


EyeTime2012 would also like also to give special thanks to our friends and collaborators:




November 2nd, 2012
Please note due to the impacts of Hurricane Sandy, the second phase of competition has been temporarily postponed. More info to follow soon.

All the best,
The Eyetime Competition Team

October 1st, 2012
Dear EyeTime entrants,

Thank you for submitting your photography and we are thrilled to see the overwhelming response as well as the spectacular work.

Starting today, the public viewing for finalist selection begins. Finalists will be selected on a complex formula of special competition EyeTime data. Including but not limited to EyeTime viewing, EyeTime hits, EyeTime zooms and more. This EyeTime comes from those you invited, as well as public viewing on the Morpholio community.

Please see the following important notes:
  1. Yes... Entrants are permitted to Facebook, Tweet, email, post, etc... their entry to as many people as they want, but the viewing for EyeTime needs to be in the Morpholio app to accumulate the various forms of EyeTime.
  2. Please note as the EyeTime number you see reflects the full EyeTime for that image, it will NOT reflect the official competition EyeTime.
  3. Self EyeTime will not count and excessive viewing time from a single source will be automatically flagged, limited and evaluated.
  4. Always visit the EyeTime competition Page or Morpholio Facebook for the most recent news and updates.
  5. Both competition buckets at Morpholio rotate all content every 5 minutes to give all participants equal exposure through Morpholio Community.
  6. To directly find a person or a collection, go to Pinup and search for names and titles.
Good luck to all.

The EyeTime Competition Team

Call for Submissions (Closed)

EyeTime 2012 invites students and young professionals or enthusiasts to submit a collection of their photography comprised of up to three digital images. By submitting your work, we invite you to share your voice with the collective intelligence of a community of visual thinkers. The competition is free to all entrants.

The proliferation of device culture, social networking, and cloud technology are changing the way we create, and connect on a daily basis. For photography, this means that technology is not only transforming the process of production, but also the processes through which we share, critique, and organize ourselves around the work we do. The competition is first, and foremost an experiment in distributed intelligence. By leveraging the "wisdom of crowds" every entrant can see and understand how his or her work is experienced by others. It has been predicted that in 2020, there will be 50 billion mobile internet connections worldwide, the equivalent of seven devices per person. Thus, this competition is not simply about the existence of technology, but rather why and how we harness it as artists.

As the paradigm shift from analog to digital is paired with the emergence of platforms for the digital consumption of images, photography inherently reassess its methods, media and subjects, in order to establish a dialogue with an audience whose visual abilities are increasingly expanded by technology. Thus, this competition challenges you to confront the world with your photography. By sending it out into the field you will test yourself and your work. You are the artist, the curator and the critic. EyeTime 2012 poses the following questions: How are your photos perceived? What does it take for an image to make a difference within the continuous overflow of data and information we currently inhabit? How can images impact evolving forms of media in order to engage audiences with their message? What is your message?

Eyetime 2012 was assembled by photographers, professors and students as a means to publically promote the research, exploration and investigation currently happening amongst today's emerging talent. The competition is supported by the ICP (International Center of Photography), APA (American Photographic Artist), ADC (Art Directors Club), and is hosted by The Morpholio Project. The guest jury includes participants from Wired magazine, Wallpaper magazine, PetaPixel, Resource magazine and the ICP. Sixteen finalists will be selected in each category: Emerging Talent and Future Voices. We look forward to your participation.


Category 01: Emerging Talent (students only)
Emerging Talent aims to discover upcoming photography voices within academia. The submitted images (digital photographs) can be in any order, and of any subject that represents the thoughts, explorations and ideas of the applicant.

Category 02: Future Voices (young professionals or enthusiasts)
Future Voices is oriented to all young photography enthusiasts and professionals 35 years of age and under. The submitted images (digital photographs) can be in any order, and of any subject that represents the thoughts, explorations and ideas of the applicant.


EyeTime Jury:
EyeTime captures and records the amount and type of viewing time an image receives. For every second an image or a collection is viewed by others the entrant will accumulate various types of EyeTime. The EyeTime jury (users contributing EyeTime) will be made up of the general public searching for collections and the up to 15 people you invite.

Please note:

Guest Jury:
The guest Jury will select a Winner(s) from the EyeTime finalists.

   Aurelie Jezequel
   Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Resource Magazine

   Jessica Lum
   Photojournalist, Writer and Editor of Petapixel

   Kristen Fortier
   Photo Editor at Wired Magazine

   Adam Sherwin
   Resource Magazine tech editor and Resource TV director/producer

   Billy Cunningham
   Faculty at The International Center of Photography

   Pei-Ru Keh
   Design Editor at Wallpaper


October 1st 2012:
Collections to be submitted and "EyeTime" begins. (Collections can be submitted prior to this date as well.)

October 26th 2012:
Stage 01 of the competition is closed and "EyeTime" stops at midnight.

November 5th 2012:
Finalists announced on Morpholio Community and Stage 02 "EyeTime" begins.

November 23rd 2012:
Stage 02 of the competition is closed and "EyeTime" stops at midnight.

December 10th 2012:
Winners and Honorable Mentions announced.


Winning Entrant(s):
A minimum of one "EyeTime Jury" winner and one "Guest Jury" winner will be selected in each category. All winning entrants will receive the title of Competition Winner(s) and will be announced in Resource Magazine Online. In addition, each winner will receive a dedicated Morpholio Community area as a public forum for their work for a period of one month.

Honorable Mentions:
Remaining finalists in each category will receive the title of Honorable Mention and will be included in all press releases as well as featured in the Morpholio Community.


  1. Emerging Talent submissions: Students must currently be under-graduate or post-graduate students at universities or tertiary institutions. (Tertiary institutions include: junior colleges, colleges of technology, and other relevant vocational schools.)
  2. Future Voices submissions: Competition is open to everyone 35 years old and younger in all creative fields including but not limited to photography, architecture, design, art, sculpture, fashion and technology.
  3. All international entries are welcomed.
  4. All submissions are digital and each entrant may submit a maximum of three collections.

Submission Procedures: iPad or iPhone Users

Step 1: Download the Competition App and Register.
Register by simply creating a new account or login in to your existing account. By creating an account and agreeing to the terms and conditions the entrant will be registered.

Step 2: Add a collection
Create a collection of up to any three digital photographs of the entrant's choice. The images (digital photographs) can be in any order from any subject that represents the thoughts, explorations and ideas of the applicant. Images must be jpg files less than 5mb. (For a tutorial visit

Step 3: Add Text
With unlock on, change "A Portfolio" to your own collection title (Example: "Street Explorations") and then change the subtitle to say "EyeTime 2012: Emerging Talent" or "EyeTime 2012: Future Voices." Please note that the project title and your name will be searchable in Pinup. Example of naming below:
Street Explorations
EyeTime 2012: Emerging Talent

Step 4: Pinup
Lock the collection and press "Send to Pinup"

Step 5: Invite your Jury
In Pinup, press your collection and then Press "Invite to Pinup". You may invite up to 15 people to view your work. Search by name for the person or send an email invite.

Submission Procedures: Non iPhone or iPad Users

Step 1: Sign Up
Create an account here

Step 2: Upload
Press "Upload" to load images to the server. You might need to load one at a time.

Step 3: Borrow any iPad or iPhone for 20 minutes and say Thank You.
Make sure the device has the competition app found here

Step 4: Login
Press the Switch User button and login to your account.

Step 5: Press the Sync button on the home page
This will import the images you loaded into "Add from MyMorpholio"

Step 6:
Go to Step 2 in the iPad or iPhone users submission procedures above. Note when adding your images they will appear in the "Add from MyMorpholio" tab.


  1. You may change your collection images or image order at any time during the competition period by hitting unlock in the collection. After you make your changes press lock and then "Update to Pinup". Please note images you delete will lose accumulated EyeTime for that specific image.
  2. Invite people that know your work and will be interested in looking thoroughly at it. You can delete invited people at any time and replace them with new people as long as your total invited group does not exceed the number allowed. You will NOT lose EyeTime for deleted people.
  3. Check your EyeTime by pressing the eye icon button in Pinup.


  1. Entrants maintain full copyright to their work and grant no usage to the EyeTime Competition Organizers other than those granted herein. "Competition Organizers" as used herein refers to all EyeTime competition collaborators, supporters, contributors, sponsors and organizational teams.
  2. There is no registration fee.
  3. The official language of the competition is English; however text within images may be submitted in any language.
  4. This will be a digital competition and no hardcopies will be accepted. Images are permitted to be digitally manipulated or altered and must be jpg files less than 5mb.
  5. If the competition exceeds 500 entrants, then only one collection per entrant will be selected as a competition finalist or the number of finalists will be adjusted. In this case should any entrant have more than one collection in the list of finalists the Competition Organizers will automatically select the collection with the most competition EyeTime as a finalist.
  6. For purposes of announcing the winners, finalists and/or the competition, the Competition Organizers reserve the right to reproduce, distribute, in part or in whole, any images or text included in the submission material. Entrant agrees that their work may be exhibited or shown during competition sponsored events, as well as on the competition sponsored website and competition sponsored promotional materials, allowing for the entrant to retain control over the licensing of their work. Entrant agrees that the Competition Organizers may reproduce and may allow reproduction of selected images in competition approved publications. Credit will be given to the entrant for any image(s) used. It also acknowledges the right to use winners and finalists in any and all forms of print, electronic and digital media, related to The EyeTime Competition.
  7. The competition organizers and collaborators, reserve the right to modify the competition schedule, terms, regulations and requirements at any time if deemed necessary. Competition organizers also reserve the right to disqualify any entrant or winner not providing the required information. Entrants will be disqualified if any of the competition rules, terms or regulations are not considered.
  8. The competition organizers reserve the right to prohibit an entry if it is deemed inappropriate as well as the final number of included works. Jury reserves the rights to select additional winners if deemed necessary by the jury or Competition Organizers.
  9. Entrant represents, agrees and warrants that they have obtained all releases from any persons and/or property owners requiring such, featured in their submission allowing publication in any and all media forms.
  10. Entrant represents, agrees and warrants that the whole copyright and any other form of intellectual property right in the work is vested in them.
  11. Entrant represents, agrees and warrants to the Competition Organizers that they own and have created all elements of the work submitted and that nothing within any work has been added or copied from another person's work.
  12. Entrant represents, agrees and warrants that they have not in any way assigned, licensed, disposed of, or otherwise encumbered any of their rights which allow them to deal freely with the work and the copyright therein.
  13. Entrant represents, agrees, warrants and acknowledges that by entering this competition each entrant may be contacted by the Competition Organizers for competition updates, related information or general marketing purposes.
  14. Entrant represents, agrees, warrants and acknowledges that the Competition Organizers rely fully upon the warranties and license given by entrants when submitting their work for consideration. Entrants indemnify and hold the Competition Organizers harmless from any and all claims, actions, proceedings, costs and expenses arising as a result of any allegation that the relevant entrant did not own or is not wholly entitled and authorized to allow publication and reproduction of the work by the Competition Organizers.
  15. Submission of an entry to the competition automatically constitutes the entrant's acceptance of all conditions set forth in these regulations as well as the guidelines and terms of service. See terms for complete list of regulations. Should any other regulations, rules or terms be in conflict then these regulations set forth herein will supersede all other versions.
  16. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age.


Questions may be submitted up to September 10th 2012 by emailing the competition organizer at All Frequently Asked Questions will be posted here and no questions can be answered after this date.

The EyeTime2012 Competition would like to give special thanks to the following organizations for their support and their promotion of young talent in all creative fields.


EyeTime2012 would also like also to give special thanks to our friends and collaborators:



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