Welcome to The Morpholio Project. Founded in 2011, the project began when a group of architects and academics came together to research the ways in which the proliferation of device culture, the development of the cloud, and the ubiquity of social networking, are collectively shaping the creative process.

Morpholio now seeks to create a new platform for presentation, dialogue, and collaboration relevant to all designers, artists and members of any image driven culture. Our interest is in advancing the ways that we discuss, debate, and critique our work with a global community. The mission is to find new ways of harnessing thoughtful feedback, to enable members to easily convene meaningful critique around their creative work, and to provide new kinds of public and private forums for the development of ideas.

The project has an Advisory Council and a selection of Elite Members made up of notable design professionals and artists from various disciplines across the globe. It draws representation from a wide range of studios, and universities worldwide including both students and professors from Columbia, Harvard, London's Architectural Association, MIT, Princeton, and the School of Visual Arts. Morpholio also collaborates with numerous institutions such as the AIGA, AIAS, ADC, ICP, and the APA in an effort to help give voice to students and young professionals.

Morpholio would be thrilled to have you join us. We hope to bring together as many creative people as possible. We believe that design tools should dis-inhibit through freedom and flexibility, that your portfolio is a utility, that thinking with your hands is critical and that smart software should be accessible to everyone. For that reason we have kept all Morpholio Apps free for broad usage and have allowed minimal in-app purchasing of specially requested features. We hope you enjoy Morpholio as much as we enjoy working on it and that you will help us share it with the creative world.

Morpholio Products

Morpholio (for iPhone and iPad)
Morpholio re-imagines your portfolio as a "design tool" and seeks to create a new platform for presentation, collaboration and critique. Morpholio makes it possible for architects, designers, photographers, artists, or members of any creative culture to beautifully and flexibly present, creatively share, and instantly discuss their work in one seamless platform. It is the unique portfolio utility that allows you to not only create and manage image collections, but to also collaborate in private or public forums with a global community.

In "Pinup" you make your work viewable and searchable to the creative world. In "Crit" you can privately invite other users to comment on and sketch over images. The "Co-creators" feature allows you to share and exchange image collections with anyone you choose. "EyeTime" highlights your most viewed work as it captures and records numerous forms of valuable feedback including the amount and type of viewing time an image receives. "Printables" allow you package your work with ease in books and other creative formats.

Morpholio transforms your portfolio into a constantly versioning and customizable collection of images that is more reflective of the way we work today. Capable of communicating with multiple devices, these tools organizes your work in a comprehensible and accessible format that makes sharing and presenting seamless and infinitely flexible.

Morpholio Trace (for iPad)
The "Trace" app revisits the role of technology in the conceptual phase of the design process through a digital version of trace paper. It also fosters communication within a global design culture, allowing users to instantly draw on top of imported images or templates, layering comments or ideas to generate immediate, intelligent sketches that can easily be emailed or synced with other apps. Trace is essential to any creative process because it doesn't just help you draw, it helps you think., supports all Morpholio apps as well as allows you to batch upload images to your account, change account settings and share your work with others.

Morpholio Exhibit (Custom)
Morpholio is currently collaborating with museums, tradeshows and retailers across the world to develop custom app software for specific installations and exhibitions. The first installation opened in New York at the Jewish Museum in 2012 and several others are in the works. If you are interested in developing a custom exhibit, contact us at anytime.


  Anna Kenoff
  Morpholio Co-Creator
  Jeffrey Kenoff
  Mark Collins
  Morpholio Co-Creator, Programmer,

  Toru Hasegawa
  Morpholio Co-Creator

Active Contributors

  Ciara Seymour
  Morpholio UX Director
  Dan Forest
  Jim Thompson

  Joseph Swerdlin
  Intern Architect

Founding Advisory Council Members

  Aaron Betsky
  Morpholio Member
  Adrian Heid
  Afshin Rafaat
  Morpholio Member

  Ahmed ElHusseiny
  Photographer. Cinematographer. De
  Aleksandra Sojka
  Web designer/underwater photograp
  Alex McCann
  B.A.(Hons) MArch

  Alina Kazachuk
  Graphic designer \ Photographer
  Alkis Klimathianos
  Andrew Bennett
  Morpholio Member

  Andris Feldmanis
  Andy Vann
  Morpholio Member
  Anesta Iwan
  student | California College of t

  Anna Pietrzak
  Anthony Shung Yiu Ko
  Student at the Architectural Asso
  Escritorio de arquitetura conceit

  Ashley spinks
  Morpholio Member
  Audrey Choi

  Aya Asakua
  TV Producer
  Ayaz Momin
  architect | designer
  Ayesha Husain
  GSAPP, MArch 2013

  Beau Schweikert
  Real estate developer, aspiring e
  Becca Bellamy
  interior architect
  Bobby Johnston

  Brian Cochran
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Brian Pagnotta
  Brian Thomas

  Carlo Aiello
  Carlos M. Rodriguez Infanzon
  Carmen Cham

  Che-Wei Wang
  Go here to create and browse your
  Chen Jin
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Chi Aoyama
  Morpholio Advisory Council

  Christopher Slater
  Graduate student at Northeastern
  Chunxiao Xu
  Morpholio Member
  Constantine Valhouli
  Morpholio Member

  Coralee Brin
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Dara Goldberg
  HR&A Advisors
  David Andrew Tasman
  Go here to create and browse

  Dean Austin
  Dean West
  Morpholio Member
  Derek Lindner

  Devin Seymour
  Morpholio Member
  Devon Fromm
  Design Assistant at Stern McCaffe
  Elie Gamburg
  Morpholio Member

  Eskew+Dumez+Ripple is a design-dr
  Esther Cheung
  Architect / Technologist
  Fernando Portal
  Morpholio Community Director

  Student TU Berlin, Architecture
  Ivor Ip
  Ivorin Vrkas
  Orin Ivan Vrkaš is Ivorin.

  James Kehl
  Jason Causton
  Jason Khoo

  Javier Galindo
  Jonathan Choe
  JungYong P

  Junsheng Fu
  Kathryn Gillmore
  Kathryn Gillmore
  Kevin Buist
  Artist, writer.

  Kevin Kennedy
  Cluck Design Collaborative
  kris kuster
  Kyoung Moon

  Lan Do
  Morpholio Member
  Leigh Salem
  Leigh Wilkins
  Morpholio Member

  Leigha Dennis
  Luca Bizi
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Luis Carmona
  Morpholio Member

  Maider Llaguno Munitxa
  Maoz Price
  Architect. Israel
  Marissa Lippert

  Mark Bearak
  Martin Bravo
  Martin Bravo
  Matilda schuman
  Morpholio Member

  Mehdi Ghorashi Nezhad
  Student of MArch in IAUCTB And De
  Minyoung song
  Glen Cummings

  naoki hirose
  Morpholio Advisory Counci
  Nikki Mueller
  Graphic Designer
  Paul Coughlin
  Morpholio Advisory Council

  Rachel Villalta
  Morpholio Advisory Council, GSAPP
  Rafi Segal
  Harvard GSD, Design Critic
  Ray Ho
  M.Arch at Columbia's GSAPP

  Richard Renfro
  Architectural Lighting Designer
  Richard Sarrach
  Principal at form-ula. Pratt Ints
  Robert Herrick
  Managing Director of visualhouse

  Ruchika Modi
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Ryan Hughes
  Go here to create and browse your
  Saad Alayyoubi
  Founder, SaGa Design

  Sam Dufaux
  Go here
  Samantha Buell
  BA Arch
  Sarah Smith
  Morpholio Member

  Sean A. Gallagher
  DS+R Architects
  Seda Zirek
  Architect, Designer, Researcher
  Shannon Rydell

  Stanley Formo
  Tetyana Serafin
  Student at Norwalk Community Coll
  Thomas Coldefy
  Associates Architects Urban Plann

  Tian Jiang
  Morpholio Member
  Tim Griffith
  Architectural Photographer
  Tom Wilz
  Student, University of Wisconsin-

  Trent Christensen
  Troy Conrad Therrien
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Veronica Scharf Scharf
  Junior Architect

  Woody Pak
  Xan Young

  Yang Hua
  Go here to create and browse your
  Yuki Kobayashi
  Kyoto University

  M-Arch student @ SciArc

Emerging Talents Members

  Aditya Rohilla
  Morpholio Member
  Alessandro Falco

  Alessandro Moggi
  Anders Lidholm
  Artist, architect SAR/MSA
  Andrew Spore
  Morpholio Member

  Ángel Flores
  San Juan, Puerto Rico
  Annie Jiang
  Fashion Designer
  Azeez Bakare
  3D Architectral Visualizer

  Bozena Pilat
  Brian W. Brush
  Morpholio Member
  Chris Holt

  Cleber Figueiredo
  Cole Rian
  Photography & Art Direction
  Cyrille Robin
  Cyrille Robin

  Dan weissman
  Design Consultant
  Danielle Krug
  Morpholio Member
  David Riebe
  Rey Composites

  Dennis Webb
  Doina Cioca
  Morpholio Member
  Edward Neumann - EMCN
  London based, emerging fine art p

  Emily Yeung
  Morpholio Member
  én Illescas Urrea
  Graphic Designer
  Eugen Brodner
  Eugen brodner

  Francis Bitonti
  Morpholio Member
  Francisco Valiente
  Architect &
  Francisco Ximenez
  Morpholio Member

  Franck Divay
  Furniture Designer and Maker
  gal kelman
  Morpholio Member
  Garam Lim
  CSULB student

  Genevieve Williams
  Georgios Loizou
  March 2 Architect student
  Gerald Haselwanter

  Gregoire A. Meyer
  Digital Artist - Photographer
  Hive City
  Morpholio Member
  Hoong Chan

  Howard Lee
  Howard Lee
  Ida Tam
  Morpholio Member
  Jason Halley
  Morpholio Member

  Javier Corso
  Jenna Stultz
  Morpholio Member
  Jerome Muguet
  Morpholio Member

  Joe Clancy
  Morpholio Member, Landscape
  John Szot
  Johnny Joo
  Morpholio Member

  Jonathan Silence
  Morpholio Member
  Jose Luis Barcia
  Jose Luis Barcia
  Joseph Burraston
  Bachelor of Architectural Studies

  julio frade.
  Kai Peersmann
  Amateur photographer, backpacker
  Kathryn Hobert
  Morpholio Member

  Kim Dai
  Morpholio Member
  Kinga Kubowicz
  Kyle Mastalinski
  Morpholio Advisory Council

  Kynan Sully
  Art Director Visuel Graphics
  Lauren Smith
  Leonardo Olavarrieta
  Architecture Student

  Liam Dickson
  Morpholio Member
  Mark Harless
  Conceptual photographer
  MARS Architects
  Architecture / Design / Urbanism

  Marshall Lipp
  Mart Rogers
  Morpholio Member
  Martijn Frank Dirks
  Designer studiomfd

  Martyna Daniel
  Waddling Pictures
  Michael Holden
  Photographer, Media Engineer, Int
  Michael Sant

  Michael Westrate
  University of Cincinnati
  Mike Ruiz
  Highschool student
  Nicholai Go

  Oana Bivolaru
  Photographer / Photo Designer
  Olivia Wright-Cady
  Love is blind, love is a struggle

  Pablo Ros
  Pablo Vidiella
  Morpholio Member
  Paul Reiss
  Morpholio Member

  Paul Stallan
  Raluca Barsan
  rhonda konowalow angell
  rhonda konowalow angell

  richard spry
  studio lumen
  Ryszard Manczak
  PrologDesign EM
  Sarah Kim
  Morpholio Member

  Sascha Posanski
  Dipl.Ing. Architect
  Sean Kristoff-Jones
  Sean Kristoff-Jones
  Sergio Merêces

  Shuang Wu
  Graduate Architect
  Siamak Hariri
  Morpholio Member
  Simon Chang
  Morpholio Member

  Fine homes and innovative structu
  Stefan Neagu
  Morpholio Member
  steve socha

  Toshiki Hirano
  Morpholio Member
  Zuliandi Azli
  Zuliandi Abdul Azli
  大城 正史/ Masafumi Oshiro

Future Voices Members

  Alan Abdulkader
  Motion Space
  Alex Gormley
  Undergrad Student
  Alexander Epstein
  Alexander O. Epstein

  Alexander Quel
  Alissa Krumlauf
  Morpholio Member
  Ariel Resnick
  Morpholio Member

  Artemis Herber
  Azubike Ononye
  Morpholio Member
  Ben Nazareno
  Morpholio Member

  Benjamin Slayter
  Photographer | Marketer | Connect
  Bianca Quiroz
  Morpholio Member
  BLOCX Objects To Climb
  BLOCX Climbing Wall Manufacturer

  Brad Mitchell
  Morpholio Member
  carlos alcocer
  Catriona O'Neill

  Christina Flores
  Cody Thamann
  Cody Thamann
  Dana McMullin
  Illustrator / Designer / Creative

  David Cameron Avery
  Graphsmith | Film Artist
  David vdG
  DvdG Design
  Ed Leveckis
  Morpholio Member

  Edmund Boey
  Art director
  Egon Gade Photography
  Elizabeth Cavenett
  Morpholio Member

  Emily Robison
  Eric Liao
  Eric Liao
  Erik Johnson
  Morpholio Member

  Evert Martin
  Franco Brown
  Senior Designer /
  Morpholio Member

  Gabriel Kozlowski
  Currently enrolled Master of
  George Allington
  Architecture Student
  Gideon Kendall
  Gideon Kendall

  Guillaume Fournier
  First year student.
  Henry Macario
  Henry Macário

  Jason Gamber
  Visual Artist
  Jessie Edwards
  Jon Buckley

  jose bernal
  Morpholio Member
  Joseph Schaefer
  Morpholio Member
  Juan Domingues
  Contemporary Artist Painter

  Junfu Han
  Morpholio Member
  Kara Krause
  Morpholio Member
  Kat Woldemarovna
  Morpholio Member

  Kelly Cones
  Morpholio Member
  kristen kimberley
  Morpholio Member
  Laurent Evrard
  Belgian Photographer

  Lynn Bright
  Morpholio Member
  Madeline Hancock
  Madeline Hancock Graphic Design/
  Marc Sperber

  Marissa Zane
  Morpholio Member
  Mark Stumer
  Mojo Stumer Architects
  Maya Mashiach
  Morpholio Member

  Michael dowds
  Morpholio Advisory Council
  Michael Santiago
  Documentary Photographer
  Natalie Amenula
  Morpholio Member

  Obi Aris
  Graphic Design
  Olia Miho
  Morpholio Member
  Paul Octavio Medina Campuzano
  Morpholio Member

  Paulina Klupinska
  graphic designer/art director
  Rainer Weston
  Morpholio Member
  Ritvik Menon
  Digital Media Design Student

  Rubin gurung
  Morpholio Member
  sarah aziz
  Morpholio Member
  Shu Fan Lee
  Studio Zhai Limited

  Suchita Jain
  Morpholio Member
  Surawate Uasiripant
  Morpholio Member
  Thaddeus Lee
  Morpholio Member

  The Cho
  tiberio ventura
  Morpholio Member
  Tim Dorrington

  Tori Gibbs
  tyler hopf
  Princeton student
  Valerie Scruggs Goodwin
  Morpholio Member

  Vanessa Shaushkin
  Morpholio Photographer
  Veronica Acosta
  Graduate Student at Parsons the N
  VeroVerito Volando

  Whisky Wang
  Willie Miller
  Yeowool Kang
  Interior design

  Yoonji Nam
  Morpholio Member
  Zoya Shu


  3form Material Solutions
  Morpholio Launch Sponsor
  Herman Miller

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